Sport activities in winter air: recommendations

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Regular physical activity is required not only in warm months. Sports in winter will help you to keep weight at an optimal level and improve your health instead of wasting your time on writing essays, which you can order at coursework help. With regular training endorphins will be generated in blood, which will help you to endure a significant shortening of daylight hours easily and not feel strong changes in mood and well-being.

Ironically, in winter you may need more water than in other seasons. First of all, this is due to the presence of dry air in the cold time of the year (depending on the climate where you live) and greater heat dissipation of your body. During the exercises in the fresh cool air, pay attention to the temperature of the water consumed. It should be slightly warm, so it couldn’t supercool the body. You can keep the temperature of water using a small thermos.

Of course, not everyone can be recommended to exercise outside in the cold. But in some diseases, such as asthma, it is excellent prevention.

There are several rules necessary to be followed:

  1. Such sport activities are stressful even for the trained body, so it is not recommended to start with the winter jogging. Instead of strengthening of the immune system it will weaken.
  2. It is strictly contraindicated to be engaged in sport activities in winter even with little sign of a cold. Some believe that this will lead to a speedy recovery, but it is false information. The disease will become more manifested and will linger longer.
  3. Clothing should be light, waterproof and retain the body heat fairly well. All exposed skin must be pre-treated with a protective cream. Hat, scarf (or a bandage on the neck) and gloves are mandatory.
  4. Jogging on the street need to make an hour after a hearty breakfast, it will warm up the body and accelerate the breakdown of fat cells, not muscle.
  5. You can jog only an hour after a hearty breakfast. It will warm up the body and accelerate the breakdown of fat cells, not the muscle.
  6. Do not forget that in winter you can not only run, but also to ski or skate, etc. It will help to maintain the body in perfect shape as well.
  7. To prevent the complete relaxation of the body, you need to regularly eat fruits and vegetables, drink multivitamin complexes and replenish daily need of water.

About the Author: Lolla Gerty is a student. She is interested in sport.

Where to study economics, law and science in Italy: University of Milan Bicocca & Ca ‘Foscari University


University of Milan Bicocca

University of Milan Bicocca was established in 1998 with a very specific mission: to make research a strategic foundation of all institutional activities.
The university offers students 71 training programs in the field of economics and statistical sciences, law, medicine and surgery, psychology, pedagogy, science and sociology. University takes the 24th place in the world and the 1st in Italy rated by Times Higher Education Rankings 2015.

Research is intended not only as an extension of the frontiers of knowledge, but also as a qualification course, as a means of connection with the land, and as a contribution to the development of the production system.
The University has developed a strong and stable relationship with the business world, with particular attention to the local context in which it is inserted, and at the same time has focus on the international dimension.
Nowadays, the Milan-Bicocca University is a multidisciplinary university that prepares specialists in different fields: economics, law, science, technical science, medicine, sociology, statistics, psychological and pedagogical science.
There are more than 32,000 students, studying at the university at 8 faculties.

Ca ‘Foscari University

Ca ‘Foscari University is state university in the city of Venice, Italy. It was founded in 1868. The institution received university status in 1968. Currently, it consists of 8 faculties, and is recognized as one of the top universities in Italy to study economic sciences and humanities. The university has about 19,000 students.

Applicants must be proficient in English or Italian language, at a level not lower than B2, as well as to provide appropriate certificates or self-certification forms.
The University has a wide popularity among foreign students, providing a high quality of teaching and the mobility of admission process. At the international level, the University Ca ‘Foscari, is an institution of the highest category with a longstanding impeccable reputation, that students do not use the services on writing request “write my assignment

University Ca ‘Foscari in Venice owns an amazing collection of books in his own library, modern computer technologies, sport centers, etc.
Ca ‘Foscari University provides a wide range of international programs for both resident students and foreigners.

The building, which the University occupies today, is a rich Venetian palace with views of the water of the famous Grand Canal.
About the author: Paula Jessica Smith is a freelance writer. She is interested in music, art and sports. Paula loves travelling and reading books.

Succeeding In Schools

Uppsala universitet

  1. Have a planner bought. It doesn’t matter whether you are good at math and do calculations in your mind. You still need to have a system that will organize your day. You can use the one on your phone or buy a professional self-planner you will be carrying around daily. We advise you not to neglect the simplest revision techniques after you come from class. Look through your notes and make a list of points you want to cover. This is extremely helpful if you are in high school and have a range of other subjects to study.
  2. Write everything in. When we say that you have to schedule your every step, we literally mean it. Even the time you spent with friends should be mentioned as a good way of relaxation. Once you make it a routine, you will make notes automatically. Have you watched guys play basketball? They do not think about catching the ball, they just do it on the reflective level. If you know that Friday is a revision day, do not skip the appointment in the library. Having an itinerary helps to focus. Now that you have the plan at hand, you don’t need to buy research papers online, as you are a perfect learner yourself!
  3. Allow yourself to spend more time on doing the task. What you write in your planner is but a rough expectation. The reality might be a bit different, with you wishing to have some rest and organizing dancing sessions in your back yard. Do not expect to finish all that list in one evening. It’s better to have realistic expectations about assignments and let go for a while. Even if you are a straight-A student and a go-getter, it’s good to have a day devoted to oneself at times.
  4. Study in parts. You can divide your tasks in small sections and revise them one by one. Our mind finds it stressful to cram every time you’ve got finals coming, so put away your procrastination tools and get ready for some action. If you manage to keep balance between revising and learning the material, you will feel refreshed and ready to move mountains come the exam time. Perhaps, you will find you own studying technique that will be the most effective. It can be copying from presentations or making notes in class. Some students prefer to organize study groups. What they do is simple, yet very effective.
  5. Reward yourself with something you love. For example, if you promised your teacher to send him an essay and managed to do it despite the hardships and deadlines, you can reward yourself with reading a book or watching your favorite movie. This motivation really works well with students who love procrastinating and don’t want to engage in studies too much. It is also helpful to avoid all nighters and still be prepared.

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