Personal Philosophy of Success Essay

To define success essay, one would have to define the very concept of success first. What is success? Money? Power? Being strong and healthy at 90? Wisdom? Being a congressman?

A lot of Facebook friends? People committing suicide because you left a boy band? Many kids? A praise from your father who has never praised you in your entire life?

The list could go forever. There is no single definition for success just like there are no two identical finger prints. Hence, there are no similar success essays.

So, how do you define success essay?

A success essay is a piece where you choose a certain answer to the question What is success for you? and explain it. Often, family education is the key to success essay, as one’s understanding of success relies on moral values, which are, in turn, developed in the family circle.

Indeed, there are strong differences between ‘a lot of FB friends’ and ‘healthy at 90’ answers, don’t you think? In the first case, a person aims at people liking him. In the second, it’s more about personal achievements. Where else would views and attitudes like that be developed if not within the family?

How does one write a success essay?

To write a strong success essay, first, you will have to answer the question yourself. Only if you understand what signifies success for you, you will be able to write an essay about it.

As usual, start with a compelling introduction. A quotation from some famous person will do beautifully. Also, it will be easy to find, as every single one of them has said something about success at some point. Besides, as copywriting research proves, people love quotation marks and that is why using a quotation will draw attention easily.

Continue with your own notes to the quotation. You might agree or disagree with its author. In any case, you have to provide evidence to support or refute it.

Your elaborations should be based on your own experience. Hollow representations do not serve well in this kind of writing. That’s why you need to look for real life examples. Maybe one of your relatives or friends has achieved what you would call success? It’s not wise to describe your own achievements, as a certain degree of modesty has to be observed. On the other hand, if success to you means doing one good thing a day and if you try to follow this rule, then maybe describing your own experience would be a good move. In any case, explain the reasons behind your choice. Why does it mean so much to you? Why do you call it a success?

Wrap up with your own definition of success developed in line with what you have described in the main body. It’s okay if it differs from the one you started with. The quotation served its purpose when it drew attention. The rest is your own concern.