Sport activities in winter air: recommendations

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Regular physical activity is required not only in warm months. Sports in winter will help you to keep weight at an optimal level and improve your health instead of wasting your time on writing essays, which you can order at coursework help. With regular training endorphins will be generated in blood, which will help you to endure a significant shortening of daylight hours easily and not feel strong changes in mood and well-being.

Ironically, in winter you may need more water than in other seasons. First of all, this is due to the presence of dry air in the cold time of the year (depending on the climate where you live) and greater heat dissipation of your body. During the exercises in the fresh cool air, pay attention to the temperature of the water consumed. It should be slightly warm, so it couldn’t supercool the body. You can keep the temperature of water using a small thermos.

Of course, not everyone can be recommended to exercise outside in the cold. But in some diseases, such as asthma, it is excellent prevention.

There are several rules necessary to be followed:

  1. Such sport activities are stressful even for the trained body, so it is not recommended to start with the winter jogging. Instead of strengthening of the immune system it will weaken.
  2. It is strictly contraindicated to be engaged in sport activities in winter even with little sign of a cold. Some believe that this will lead to a speedy recovery, but it is false information. The disease will become more manifested and will linger longer.
  3. Clothing should be light, waterproof and retain the body heat fairly well. All exposed skin must be pre-treated with a protective cream. Hat, scarf (or a bandage on the neck) and gloves are mandatory.
  4. Jogging on the street need to make an hour after a hearty breakfast, it will warm up the body and accelerate the breakdown of fat cells, not muscle.
  5. You can jog only an hour after a hearty breakfast. It will warm up the body and accelerate the breakdown of fat cells, not the muscle.
  6. Do not forget that in winter you can not only run, but also to ski or skate, etc. It will help to maintain the body in perfect shape as well.
  7. To prevent the complete relaxation of the body, you need to regularly eat fruits and vegetables, drink multivitamin complexes and replenish daily need of water.

About the Author: Lolla Gerty is a student. She is interested in sport.