Why Do Teachers Give Homework?

Are you frustrated because of the homework you have to do? Do you want it to disappear? Don’t be too quick to discard its usefulness! As a matter of fact, homework was not invented without cause. If years ago it was a means to compensate for the lack of teachers, now it is an instrument to help one study.

There are a few reasons why schools in many countries still require home assignments (Yes, there are exceptions, but they are so few that they do not count). Expectedly, there are positive and negative ones.

Originally, homework is a tool to help you deepen and extend your knowledge. Most of the students are not able to fully perceive and retain information during the class, especially if it is a big one. A teacher cannot possibly pay attention to every student and, thus, a portion of the work shall be done by them independently. When you solve equations and problems, you sharpen your skills and learn to apply them with slight modifications. From this point of view, homework is absolutely indispensable, and there is hardly a person who would disagree.

Then, there is reading, which cannot possibly be arranged in class. Reading lessons are over, and the teacher will no longer read aloud. However, some books are to be read, and, therefore, to be read at home. Besides, enjoying a book in a bed under a blanket is much more pleasant than doing it at school, and also helps you concentrate on what you read.

Also, some home assignments are designed to reveal your maturity and creativity. Whatever you do – make a presentation, organize a project, etc. – it helps you show that you are a capable person, grow up and mature, becoming an active society member. It is not always possible to give students the opportunity to express themselves in class, and, from this perspective, homework is just the right tool.

Last but not least, by means of receiving home assignments a person develops responsibility and time management skills.

Sadly but also quite expectedly, in the wrong hands homework might be useless. If you haven’t had teachers who’d assign huge homework just to have something to check during the lesson, consider yourself lucky. This is a bright example of ‘lazy’ teaching and bad use of the homework tool. If a teacher does not want to or know how to use it, its efficiency drops below the sea level.

If put simply, the answer to the title question is ideally, teachers assign homework to help their students study and improve the knowledge. In some cases, however, they might have less noble motives and use it to make their work easier. Sadly, there are many of those who choose the second variant, and thus hardly deserve to be called teachers.